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Graphic element for CBEES - the Centre for Baltic and East European StudiesThe Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) is a multidisciplinary research centre focusing on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

The centre's task is to coordinate the university's research, postgraduate education and other activities that focus on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe, with the aim of being an academic leader in this area.

The Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS) is part of CBEES. The journal Baltic Worlds, a quarterly scholarly journal and news magazine, is published by CBEES.

About us

CBEES conducts research in partnership with researchers at the university
and the Swedish and international research community, with certain specialist

  • The “new Europe’s” spatiality, regionalism andchanging borders.
  • Geopolitical constructions in the Eurasian space.
  • Studies of the complex dynamics betweensustainability, social change, knowledge and technological progress in theBaltic Sea region.
  • Research into memory and the use of history inEastern Europe after 1989/1991.
  • Social movements and social tensions in the Europe of transformation and post-transformation.
  • Election research and studies of nation-buildingand new political parties in an East–West European context.
  • Gender research and the construction of sex and parenthood.
  • Theoretical and cultural studies from the perspective of kosmopolitism and post-colonialism.
  • Analyses of cultural technologies and an inter-disciplinary research collaboration on the theme of Nature-Culture.

The centre cooperates with research projects and subjects inside and outside the university and participates in a large number of international networks.

Research is organised around four themes:

  • Cultural theory – Kosmopolis, cultural technologyand cultural publics
  • Knowledge and sustainable development
  • Multidisciplinary historical studies
  • The social landscapes of the political

The research leaders and a number of postdoctoral research fellows coordinate all activities with a research focus. Research is carried out by professors, postdoctoral research fellows and project-based/visiting researchers. This enriches CBEES, making it a dynamic meeting place for Swedish and international research that focuses on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

Doctoral (third-cycle) education at the Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS) is conducted in partnership between CBEES and the university’s academic schools/research areas for doctoral studies. BEEGS activities are coordinated by a director of studies.

CBEES is home to the editorial board for the journal Baltic Worlds, which is published quarterly and on the internet. The journal’s aim is to disseminate the results of research in and around the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe; it has its own website with election coverage for a range of countries, as well as previous issues available for download: www.balticworlds.com.